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Healthcare Quarterly 6(2) December 2002 .doi:10.12927/hcq.2002.16766
Longwoods Review


Peggy Leatt


This issue of Hospital Quarterly marks the launch of an important new feature, Longwoods Review. In the Review, we will publish manuscripts that have been accepted for publication based on the recommendations of international-peer review. The first paper, "The Doctor is Out: Physician Participation in the 'Rationed Access Days' Work Stoppage in British Columbia," by Robert Reid, David Schneider, Morris Barer, Robin Hanvelt, Kimberlyn McGrail, Nino Pagliccia and Robert G. Evans, provides analysis of the participation of physicians in a rationed work stoppage during a dispute with the B.C. government.
To add further value, and to set the context of the research for our readers, we have invited commentary from senior health system executives.

With the introduction of the Longwoods Review, we invite researchers to submit manuscripts. Our job will be to determine which of them are most likely to influence the delivery of health services. The editor in chief will initially determine the appropriateness of the paper and will consider such things as originality and importance. Selected papers then continue on through the process of peer review. The results will provide important guidance to our editors who finally decide how effectively the material meets the best interests of our readers.

We also invite comments, questions, or criticisms about papers published in the Longwoods Review and will provide an appropriate forum for the original authors to respond. The dialogue becomes an important contribution and will be considered just as carefully by the editors as the original papers.

You are invited to help us make the Longwoods Review a reliable source of important information.

Note: For more commentary about the Longwoods Review please see the related editorial in this issue of Hospital Quarterly, volume six, number two.

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