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Nursing Leadership 18(1) March 2005 : 34-48.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2005.17034
Ideas in Leadership

Changing Nursing Practice: Evaluating the Usefulness of a Best-Practice Guideline Implementation Toolkit

Maureen Dobbins, Barbara Davies, Evangeline Danseco, Nancy Edwards and Tazim Virani


PURPOSE: This pilot study describes the evaluation of an 88-page Toolkit that was developed to guide nursing leaders, including advanced practice nurses, managers and steering committees, who were responsible for coordinating implementation of selected best-practice guidelines (BPG) in their respective agencies.

METHODS: The self-administered questionnaire was mailed to all clinical resource nurses and steering committee members involved in implementing best-practice guidelines. The questionnaire evaluated the usefulness of the content of five chapters (and the case scenarios and worksheets included with each chapter).

RESULTS: Sixty-eight percent of respondents returned the questionnaire. More than 85% of them found the Toolkit helpful during the implementation process; 83% reported using it; 80% said they would use it again. The Toolkit was used primarily to identify, analyze and engage stakeholders, and to assess environmental readiness. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said they used the Toolkit to plan the implementation strategy.

CONCLUSIONS: The Toolkit assessed in this evaluation shows promise as a useful guide for those charged with BPG implementation. Like other guidelines that are based on evidence, the Toolkit will require occasional updates to ensure that the strategies proposed reflect current evidence.



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