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Healthcare Quarterly 1(4) June 1998 : 6-6.doi:10.12927/hcq..17136

Quarterly Letters: ... a letter to the publisher

William Pope


It was a pleasure to meet you when Robert's art was recently exhibited in Toronto. I hope the images of Robert you use in Hospital Quarterly will create interest and bring new understanding.
When we spoke you kindly suggested you would try to promote the work of our Foundation. There are two projects in particular that we would like to emphasize at this time:
  1. To place a beautiful, large reproduction of "Hug" in many Canadian hospitals. The size of this reproduction would be approximately 3 feet in height by 1 1/2 feet in width plus frame with a small plaque placed at the bottom of the painting indicating the sponsor's name. This painting impresses people everywhere it is seen as it vividly depicts two healing forces at work - the healing force of medicine and the healing power of love. No matter how sick you may be, when someone loves you life is special, each day is precious.

    Would one of your advertisers, such as a national bank, be interested in having this image placed in hospitals across the country? In each town or city where the bank has a branch, if they would place this impressive painting in the local hospital, with their name attached, it would be a fine public relations gesture for them and an asset to the hospital. What a wonderful contribution it would be for some donor to place "Hug" in 1000 Canadian hospitals, and if the local branches of a national bank would fund the cost of placing it in their communities, the cost would be minimal at any one site, about $300 including donor's plaque.

  2. Numerous physicians have said Robert's book Illness and Healing should be placed in the hands of all students entering medical school as it would show them the importance of understanding what cancer is like from the patient's perspective. There are 16 medical schools in Canada, and the cost of presenting this book to first year students, in either a French or English edition, would be about $2000 per medical school. The donor's name could be placed on the opening page of the book.

I think these are two wonderful projects and would give a quality profile to sponsors. It would be much appreciated if you could interest some sponsors to underwrite these projects.

With all good wishes.

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William Pope
Robert Pope Foundation
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