Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 8(3) May 2005 : 92-94.doi:10.12927/hcq..17160
Book Review

Using Knowledge and Evidence in Health Care

Jochen R. Moehr


Louise Lemieux-Charles and Fran├žois Champagne (eds.), University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Buffalo, London, 2004. ISBN 0-8020-8932-1.

It is my conviction that by now, the beginning of 2005, everyone in healthcare is aware of the importance of knowledge transfer and evidence-based medicine, if not evidence-based practice. In fact, these phrases have become widely used crystallization points for innovative efforts, if not mantras, often repeated, sometimes gratuitously. Is it necessary, therefore, to compose a book on the subject of over 300 pages? Can anything be gained from reading this book? Can anything be added to the commonly accepted wisdom that evidence-based approaches are the way to go, and that going this way will provide solutions to our ailing healthcare system?



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