Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 18(2) May 2005 : 100-104.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2005.17182
Book Review

Nursing Against the Odds: How Health Care Cost Cutting, Media Stereotypes, and Medical Hubris Undermine Nurses and Patient Care

Rita Schreiber


By Suzanne Gordon
Cornell University Press, 2005; 474 pages

In her latest book, author Suzanne Gordon once again considers the nursing shortage, this time taking on everything from popular images of nurses to the growing international industrialization agenda for healthcare. This is a dense, thorough and passionate book, full of statistics and interviews with notable nursing researchers and front-line practitioners. As an investigative journalist, Gordon writes in a clear, accessible style and paints a complex picture of nursing and healthcare worthy of Hieronymous Bosch. In doing so, and in spite of any feathers she will likely ruffle both inside and outside nursing, Gordon demonstrates that she is doubtless the profession's best ally and advocate.



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