Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 3(2) December 1999 : 10-10.doi:10.12927/hcq..17464

Gathering the Big Picture: Ontario Hospital Association/Agilent Technologies/Hospital Quarterly Survey


During the Ontario Hospital Association conference in November, the first annual Healthcare Issues Survey was undertaken. The survey was a joint venture of the Ontario Hospital Association, Agilent Technologies and Hospital Quarterly. Three hundred and twenty eight conference delegates participated.

Survey says.......

Importance of Factors in Managing the Healthcare Environment

The most important factor selected by participants was "pressures on costs," which scored 6.08 out of a possible 7. The need to communicate with other providers and the increasing demands of an aging population rated second. "Pressures on cost" was the single issue out of some 31 that rated higher than 6 out of a possible 7.

Expectations of the Impact of Medical Advances

New diagnostic techniques were rated as the medical advance most likely to impact on healthcare organizations; this scored 5.6 out of a possible 7. Aggressive disease management protocols rated a close second.

Expectations of the Impact of Information Technology Applications

Intranets/extranets and groupware were expected to impact healthcare organizations more than any other emerging IT application.

Usefulness of Methods of Learning About New Technology

How do providers want to keep up-to-date on new technologies? They find that continuing education programs are most useful. The Internet is a very close second. Lowest on the list is the corporate sales representative.


The demographics of the respondents are shown in these three circular graphs. The sponsors will take special note of these results. Others who are interested in the details can call Anton Hart at 416-864-9667.


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