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Healthcare Quarterly 6(1) September 2002 : 94-96.doi:10.12927/hcq..17468

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Recent reports carried in the report include: Harnessing Incentives and Unleashing Market Forces in Health Care:The Mechanics of Rationing
Paper by Andre Gabber for the Ontario Hospital Association discusses the competitive market model, the unique market for healthcare, incentives (Demand Side Incentives, Supply Side Incentives,Hospital Funding) and competition: the case of Britain's internal market model.

Managing for Excellence in the NHS
This document builds on the major contribution that managers and leaders in healthcare are making to the reform of the NHS in United Kingdom.It sets out the new management task for the next three years and addresses how, together, leaders are going to create a coherent core of values and systems and build a management and leadership community in the NHS of international standing.

Depoliticizing Healthcare: Achievable or Even Desireable?
On May 30-31, 2002, the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF) held its third annual invited exchange on key issues affecting Canada's public healthcare system.Over a day and a half, discussions included: the perceived problems causing the rise in interest in depoliticizing healthcare; the impact of viewing Canadians as consumers, citizens or communities on how to approach depoliticizing healthcare; the role that predictable and multi-year funding can play in reducing interjurisdictional and stakeholder politics; and the kinds of institutions and processes that might help reduce the less productive aspects of the political process in healthcare.

The Future of Canadian Health Care
This report by the Caledon Institute of Social Policy describes four scenarios for future global economic and political structures and looks at the future of health and healthcare in Canada within each of these scenarios.The report is meant to speculate not so much on what will be, as what could be, in an effort to stimulate consideration of our health system's relationship to global futures.

On-Line Journal Papers

Milbank Quarterly

Life Course Health Development:An Integrated Framework for Developing Health,Policy, and Research
Neal Halfon and Miles Hochstein

A Loss of Faith:The Sources of Reduced Political Legitimacy for the American Medical Profession
Mark Schlesinger

Performance-Based Contracting in Wisconsin Public Health: Transforming State-Local Relations
John Chapin and Bruce Fetter

Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Disability among the Near Elderly: A Longitudinal Analysis
Jan Ostermann and Frank A. Sloan

Public Roles for the Medical Profession in the United States: Beyond Theories of Decline and Fall
Rosemary A. Stevens

Theory and Practice in the Design of Physician Payment Incentives
James C.Robinson

Improving the Quality of Workers'Compensation Health Care Delivery: The Washington State Occupational Health Services Project
Thomas M.Wickizer,Gary Franklin,Roy Plaeger-Brockway,and Robert D.Mootz

Purchasing Cooperatives for Small Employers:Performance and Prospects
Elliot K.Wicks and Mark A. Hall

Potential and Active Family Caregivers: Changing Networks and the "Sandwich Generation"
Brenda C. Spillman and Liliana E.Pezzin

Community Accountability among Hospitals Affiliated with Health Care Systems
Jeffrey A.Alexander,Bryan J.Weiner,and Melissa Succi

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance:Are Employers Good Agents for Their Employees?
Pamela B.Peele, Judith R.Lave, Jeanne T.Black,and John H.Evans III.

Featured on the Health Affairs website:

Fighting Hand to Hand over Physician Workforce Policy
Kevin Grumbach,With Perspective By Uwe E. Reinhardt

Informatics & the Future Health Workforce
Daniel R.Masys

Who Cares For Older Adults?
Christine Tassone Kovner,Mathy Mezey & Charlene Harrington

The Case for Diversity in the Health Workforce
Jordan J.Cohen, Barbara A.Gabriel & Charles Terrell


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