Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 9(1) January 2006 : 72-74.doi:10.12927/hcq..17908

Canada Urgently Needs a National Network of Libraries to Access Evidence

Jessie McGowan, Sharon E. Straus and Peter Tugwell


Canadian health professionals and their patients are deprived of important evidence to guide health and healthcare decisions, ensure quality and avoid unnecessary deaths because, unlike other developed countries, Canada does not have a national medical library as can be found in the United States' National Library of Medicine (2005) and the United Kingdom's National Health Service (2005). As Gray notes, knowledge is essential for health practitioners but, to be useful, it must be generated, organized and disseminated before it can be implemented (2005). The flow of knowledge from its generation to implementation has been a focus of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2003) and the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (2003), who feel that not enough research gets implemented.



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