Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 12(2) May 1999 : 4-20.doi:10.12927/cjnl.1999.19073

Evaluation of a Partnership Model of Care Delivery Involving Registered Nurses and Unlicensed Assistive Personnel

Ann E. Tourangeau, Peggy White, Julia Scott, Mary McAllister and Linda Giles


The employment of unlicensed personnel in Canadian acute care hospitals has been undertaken without clear evidence of outcomes for patients, caregivers, and hospital organizations. This quasi-experimental evaluation study was completed in a metropolitan Toronto acute care hospital to examine the effects of a new nursing care delivery system which included unlicensed assistive personnel.

Most of the expected benefits of the newly implemented nursing care delivery system did not materialize leading to the conclusion that the employment of unlicensed assistive personnel in acute care hospital systems may not offer additional benefits for patients, caregivers, or hospital organizations. The processes and results of this study provide useful information for nurse administrators who are seeking effective and innovative care delivery systems that are designed to optimize patient, caregiver, and hospital outcomes.

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