Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 20(3) September 2007 : 67-85.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2007.19290
Nursing Research

Use of Q-Methodology to Identify Nursing Faculty Viewpoints of a Collaborative BScN Program Experience

Noori Akhtar-Danesh, Barbara Brown, Elizabeth Rideout, Mary Brown and Lois Gaspar


The McMaster Mohawk Conestoga Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, established in 2000, brought together three nursing programs from one university and two colleges. The existing university curriculum, which used a problem-based, small-group and student-centred approach, was implemented at all three sites. Considerable adjustments were required by faculty as they adapted to a collaborative approach in implementing this nursing curriculum. Q-methodology was used to identify nursing faculty viewpoints about the collaborative program experience. Sixty-one participants from the three sites completed a 50-item Q-sort representing their statements about collaboration. Data were analyzed using PQMethod version 2.11. Six salient viewpoints were identified: Champions of Collaboration, Proponents of Scholarship and Clinical, Critics of Collaboration, Defenders of McMaster Curriculum, Acceptors of Collaboration and Detractors of the Partnership. On the whole, the collaboration has been a success and a spirit of cooperation prevails. However, a number of faculty issues were identified that should be addressed. The results will be of value to other collaborative nursing programs as they work together to foster faculty commitment and collegiality.



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