Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 20(4) December 2007 : 100-114.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2007.19474
Nursing Research

Nurses' Voice: Influencing the Restructuring of the New Brunswick Healthcare System

P. Davidson, A. Rhéaume, M. Dykeman, P. Ericson, L. Duffett-Leger and J. Doucet


Although nurses make up the largest group of professionals working in the healthcare field, they are often left out of the decisions that shape the restructuring of healthcare in Canada. A feminist philosophy guided this qualitative study, conducted in New Brunswick, to gain an in-depth knowledge of the impact of restructuring on nurses working in all types of healthcare facilities across the province. Sixty-five nurses were interviewed, and a number of themes, including "having a voice," emerged from the data. While many of the nurses interviewed reported that they were not invited to participate in decisions related to healthcare restructuring, others noted that when they did have an opportunity to participate, they were frequently not heard. However, a number of nurses also reported that they believed they had some influence and could continue to make a positive difference when they were asked to be involved at the outset of a change process.



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