ElectronicHealthcare 1(1) May 2001 : 14-14

Gatekeepers of Great Ideas

The journal of ElectronicHealthcare.com continues the tradition of Hospital Quarterly and HealthcarePapers. Readers will appreciate the directives of an international editorial advisory board and two exceptional editors - Michael Guerriere and Catherine Claiter. We are proud to list them in our masthead. They have assembled important ideas. Great ideas. Individually the board and editors are committed to bringing readers exceptional value in return for investing their time and attention.

We cherish the support of the world's best authors delivering care and policy globally. They are experts "whose authority comes from careful analysis and study of an issue or from deep personal experience, and who demonstrate a mastery of the material presented. Their ideas have been tested in the real world and can be translated into management action in most instances." [This definition has been unabashedly borrowed from Harvard Business Review.]

So it is only natural that we make use of the new tools available to us. Last month some 15,000 pages of HealthcarePapers alone were downloaded from the web. Thank you. We're delighted. Within this context we are evolving our publishing strategies so that we can continue to serve our readers well and maintain our viability as gatekeepers and distributors of great ideas. We take our role seriously and are maintaining a careful watch on the impact of technology on the consumers of our information. Tell us how you would like to receive our publications. We'll respond to your new-found habits as they adjust to the digital age. Thank you for letting us know what you think!


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