Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 22(3) October 2009 : 33-46.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2009.21153
Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

Improving Gerontology Content in Baccalaureate Nursing Education through Knowledge Transfer to Nurse Educators

Lynn McCleary, Katherine McGilton, Veronique Boscart and Abram Oudshoorn


Across practice settings, most nursing care is provided to older adults. Yet most nurses receive limited education to care for older adults, especially those with complex needs. A Knowledge Exchange Institute for Geriatric Nursing Education brought together 31 Canadian nursing faculty members and nursing doctoral students and provided them with tools and resources to enhance teaching and curriculum in baccalaureate nursing programs. Guided by the Knowledge-to-Action Process model, participants received usable summaries of the best research evidence about care for older adults and tools to increase the likelihood of successful integration of these resources in their teaching and curriculum. Feedback from participants indicates that their personal goals and the goals of the Knowledge Exchange were met. Through a public interactive wiki, participants and others will continue the process of knowledge exchange to improve nursing education and nursing care for older persons.



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