Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 13(2) March 2010 : 71-76.doi:10.12927/hcq.2013.21673
Health Human Resources

360-Degree Physician Performance Assessment

Isser Dubinsky, Kelly Jennings, Moshe Greengarten and Amy Brans


Few jurisdictions have a robust common approach to assessing the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of physician performance. In this article, we examine the need for 360-degree physician performance assessment and review the literature supporting comprehensive physician assessment. An evidence-based, "best practice" approach to the development of a 360-degree physician performance assessment framework is presented, including an overview of a tool kit to support implementation. The focus of the framework is to support physician career planning and to enhance the quality of patient care. Finally, the legal considerations related to implementing 360-degree physician performance assessment are explored.



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