HR Resources Database

HR Resources Database 9(2) May 2009 : 25-29

Faculties of Medicine: Important Contributors to Health Human Resource Planning in Canada

Nick Busing and Irving Gold


[This article was originally published in HealthcarePapers, Volume 9, Number 2.]

Tzountzouris and Gilbert's article "Role of Educational Institutions in Identifying and Responding to Emerging Health Human Resources Needs" makes an interesting contribution to the literature on health human resources (HHR) planning in Canada, focusing specifically on the potential role of educational institutions. In this commentary, we argue that Canada's faculties of medicine are already heavily involved in meeting the HHR needs of Canadians and are extremely well poised to become even more involved in the process of HHR planning. Our faculties of medicine look forward to the time when Canada has a pan-Canadian, multi-professional HHR planning mechanism to which they can contribute.



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