Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 23(1) April 2010 : 54-63.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2010.21730
Nursing Research

British Columbia's Provincial Nursing Workload Project: Evidence to Empowerment

Maura MacPhee, Karen Jewell, Andrea Wardrop, Ashifa Ahmed and Barbara Mildon


This case study describes an ongoing demonstration project that engages nurses and nurse leaders in decision-making with respect to workload management issues at eight practice sites within British Columbia (two per healthcare sector: acute care, long-term care, community health and community mental health). The primary goal of this project is to promote high-quality practice environments by empowering front-line nurses and their leaders: giving them the means to systematically examine and act upon factors that influence their workloads. Examples from practice sites illustrate tangible benefits from the project.



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