Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 23(2) June 2010 : 47-59.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2010.21832
Nursing Research

The BC Educator Pathway Collaborative Framework: Creating the Foundation for Nursing Education Capacity

Patricia Semeniuk, Barbara Mildon, Mary Ellen Purkis, Sally Thorne and Patricia Wejr


This paper describes the conceptual structure and organizational framework of the Educator Pathway Project (EPP), which is a unique collaborative capacity-building project creating infrastructure for integrating nursing practice learning and development throughout the service and education sectors in British Columbia. Since 2005, two major health authorities, two universities and the provincial nurses’ bargaining association have been engaged in an intensive and dynamic partnership to conceptualize and fundamentally change intersectoral directions and possibilities. This unique initiative has required considerable investment and commitment among all partner organizations, resulting in a clear, shared vision of systemwide support of nursing. With the EPP now in its final year of funding, we are beginning to document its elements and interpret its significant impact on nurses and their workplaces across the regions. In this paper, we describe the overall program design, explain the collaborative partnership mechanisms through which we have been implementing the project and articulate a range of processes through which we are working together to enact significant system-level adjustments aimed at a genuine practice–education continuum. As part of sustaining a strong nursing workforce, we believe that nursing practice and education leaders across Canada are ready to employ this kind of creative approach towards realizing our common goals.



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