Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 24(1) April 2011 : 47-58.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2011.22334
Nursing Research

Using a Nursing Balanced Scorecard Approach to Measure and Optimize Nursing Performance

Lianne Jeffs, Jane Merkley, Sandy Richardson, Jackie Eli and Mary McAllister


The authors give an overview of one healthcare organization's experience in developing a nursing strategic plan and nursing balanced scorecard (NBS) using a focused planning process involving strategy mapping. The NBS is being used at this organization to manage the nursing strategic plan by leveraging and improving nursing processes and organizational capabilities as required, based on data and transparent communication of performance results to key stakeholders. Key strategies and insights may help other nurse leaders in developing or refining strategic approaches to measuring nursing performance. Vital to the success of an organization's strategic plan are ongoing endorsement, engagement and visibility of senior leaders. Quality of decisions made depends on the organization's ability to collect data from multiple sources using standardized definitions, mine data and extract them for statistical analysis and effectively present them in a compelling and understandable way to users and decision-makers.



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