The Longwoods essay -- a weekly feature of the Longwoods eLetter -- has become a much enjoyed product. The tradition was started by Bob Evans from UBC who is arguably Canada's most creative, provoking, entertaining and sometimes feared healthcare writer. Steven Lewis was not far behind. Not to be outdone and often personal we have learned to anticipate his barbed opinions written from his perch in left field. Then the always passionate and sometimes quirky reflections of Neil Seeman joined the fray. What a rich resource. Others now submit from time to time and we appreciate it. If, John, you have something to say and it reflects the above definition of an essay, send me a note. ( We are the first to admit that once we found this definition, we liked it, borrowed it and made it our own. Not all submissions will be accepted of course; but we will accept the great ones.(3:16) . . the publisher.

[post note] The authors of this essay on essays provide criteria for long essays -- reflecting the pre social media age. We like to keep ours to about 1000 words. Capice?