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Insights (Essays) October 2011

“Online is better” – Longwoods readers tell us

Anton Hart

October 14, 2011: Our editors are particular and our readers are demanding. We grow and expand by listening and responding to both. And one of their demands is to offer e-versions of everything we publish. Everything. We’re listening.

As more and more is added to our websites , more and more of our readers respond. Now over 60,000 visitors view every month: that exceeds the capacity of BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, the Rogers Centre in Toronto or a concert crowd at Olympic Stadium in Montreal. As a result we are the top website in Canada publishing information, ideas, policies and practices devoted to healthcare. And according to we now are ranked the first of many in Canada. Here we are with some of our compatriot publishers.

The websites of some of Canada’ largest healthcare publishers – ranked.

  1. Longwoods Publishing

    Ranked 16,587 in Canada (worldwide rank: 488,762)
  2.  Canadian Institute for Health Information
    Ranked 22,950 in Canada (worldwide rank: 704,186)
  3. Canadian Medical Association Journal

    Ranked 26,698 in Canada (worldwide rank: 309,926)
  4. Rogers Publishing   
Ranked 41,321 in Canada (worldwide rank: 1,032,564)
  5. Ontario Hospital Association
Ranked 50,958 in Canada (worldwide rank: 1,541,071)
  6.  Peer reviewed medical journal

    Canada Rank is 92,362 (worldwide rank: 803,964)
  7. Canadian Healthcare Technology News
    Not Ranked in Canada* (worldwide rank: 1,952,533)
  8. Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
Not Ranked in Canada* (worldwide rank: 2,280,598)

    Not Ranked in Canada* (worldwide rank: 2,610,087)
  10. CCHL (formerly CCHSE) journal            

    Not Ranked in Canada* (worldwide rank: 12,473,490)

*Not Ranked in Canada indicates that the numbers are not picked up by Alexa.

What the numbers mean:

Alexa is a measure of popularity. A lower ranking is better. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews on a selected website over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1. For example, Google, Facebook and YouTube rank 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The rankings are updated daily. To put a ranking in context some 20,340,000,000 web pages are indexed. That’s more than 20 billion domains.

To search your own website’s rankings simply open this link  and enter the URL (e.g.

About the Author(s)

Anton Hart is the publisher at Longwoods Publishing Corporation.


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