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Nursing Leadership 24(4) January 2012 : 78-87.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2012.22736
Nursing Research

Exploring Ethics in Practice: Creating Moral Community in Healthcare One Place at a Time

Sandra L. Scott, Patricia Marck and Sylvia Barton


Examining everyday ethical situations in clinical practice is a vital but often overlooked activity for nursing leaders and practitioners, as well as most other healthcare professionals. In this paper, we share how a series of practitioner-led Ethics in Practice sessions (EIPs), which originated within a busy urban teaching hospital, were adapted and translated, first into home care and more recently, into an EIP session for public health nurses. The success of EIP sessions rests with their focus on issues that are selected by practitioners. The aims of EIPs are to foster ethical leadership within communities of practice, create safe places to share concerns, use relevant research evidence and other literature to support informed discussion, and generate stories that deepen our understanding of the ethical situations we encounter in our work. We hope our experience inspires nursing leaders, nursing colleagues and fellow healthcare professionals to consider using the EIP approach to build moral community and the idea of moral imagination with their clinical colleagues, one place at a time.



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