Insights (Essays)

Insights (Essays) April 2013

Healthcare is Laced with Overachievers . . . See Who You Know from These Characteristics

13 Things Overachievers Do: as stolen from the pages of Forbes. More here. A lot more
  1. They laugh — at themselves. And with others.
  2. They steal stuff.”
  3. They are notorious list makers.
  4. Their desk is usually clean and everything is organized. They love IKEA because they can buy lots of organizing bins and boxes.
  5. They don’t mind when a door shuts. They know that a window might be open.
  6. They are not shy about their weaknesses because they are uber-confident in their strengths.
  7. They get tons of mentoring or coaching. They seek out mentors.
  8. They don’t write books. The book industry is dead.
  9. They don’t let themselves get soft. Soft in any sense of the word.
  10. They like to start things. They like saying they are the “founder” of a project or company or initiative.
  11. They ask about you so they can get a turn to talk about themselves. “Enough about me; What do you think about me?”
  12. They are rabid about lists because they are crazy about achieving their goals. Uh, hello, that’s why the word “over” is in front of achiever.
  13. They have an “I Love Me” wall in their home or office. Awards are like a list in 3D — you can hang that item on the wall instead of checking it off a list.
The author of this column asks: “What traits have you seen in an overachiever that you know? Please share it in the comments or tweet it to me via TJ McCue on Twitter.” AND we add: Or send it to Longwoods at: elongwoods
Read the whole column by T. J. McCue in Forbes, here.



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