Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 26(4) December 2013 : 32-43.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2013.23631
Special Focus on Building Nursing Research in the Practice Setting

Bridging Research and Practice through the Nursing Research Facilitator Program in British Columbia

Katrina Plamondon, Charlene Ronquillo, Linda Axen, Agnes Black, Lynn Cummings and Bubli Chakraborty


As Canadian health systems transform to meet changing needs, grounding nursing practice in evidence remains an essential goal for providing safe, high-quality care. nursing research facilitators (NRFs) are strengthening the use of evidence in nursing practice across the province of British Columbia. NRFs are nurses with a research background, whose work is focused on supporting people within health systems to use and do research in their practice and decision-making. Since this role was established in 2009, NRFs have provided facilitative support to over 50 funded research projects, led numerous workshops and journal clubs, and conducted more than 600 research-related consultations. In this paper, we discuss the role and offer exemplars of creative ways in which NRFs are strengthening nurses' engagement in doing and using research by developing capacity for research and evidence-informed practice, building meaningful partnerships and cultivating a culture of curiosity among nurses and other healthcare providers. We reflect on factors contributing to the success of this role and some of the challenges of integration. The paper concludes with a comment on the strategic value of the role.



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