Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 20(1) April 2017 : 29-33.doi:10.12927/hcq.2017.25088
Special Focus on Quality Improvement

Early Rehabilitation for Patients with Hip Fractures: Spreading Change Across the System

Charissa Levy, Sharon Ocampo-Chan, Linda Huestis and Donna Renzetti


Evidence suggests that patients with hip fractures should begin rehabilitation no later than six days following surgery. The reality is often far different. In an initiative led by the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Rehab Network, acute care and rehab/complex continuing care hospitals across the GTA have implemented a new early referral process to aid transition of patients from acute care to inpatient rehabilitation as early as possible to improve their outcomes. Two of the participating acute care hospitals have now surpassed the six-day target and two others are within range. The initiative also provides useful learnings to guide other cross-sector change and spread initiatives.



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