Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 20(1) April 2017 : 79-83.doi:10.12927/hcq.2017.25141
Operational Reviews

St. Michael’s Improvement Program – A Collaborative Approach to Sustainable Cost Savings

Anne Trafford and Danielle Jane


In response to a challenging financial environment and increasing patient demand, St. Michael's Hospital needed to find long-term sustainable solutions to continue to provide high-quality patient care and invest in key priorities. By conducting Operational Reviews in focused areas, the hospital achieved $7.4 million of in-year savings in the first year, found standardizations, process efficiencies and direct cost savings that positioned itself for success in future funding models. Initiatives were grounded in evidence and relied heavily on the effective execution by the leadership, front-line staff and physicians. As organizations face similar challenges, this journey can provide key learnings.



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