Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 30(2) June 2017 : 57-63.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2017.25255
Special Focus on Interprofessional Collaborative Leadership

Driving it Home: Leading with an Interprofessional Collaborative Team Approach in Home Care

Cynthia J. Bergeron, Gina Barton, Wendy Gamache-Holmes, Mary Ellen Barry, Barbara Butler, Lisa Dunnett, William Koval, Kristen Augustin, Natalie Russell, Monica Tomney and Tara Scott*


As a prime example of the value of an interprofessional approach to care advocated by Orchard and colleagues earlier in this issue (Orchard 2017a, 2017b), the following case study profiles one highly effective interprofessional New Brunswick-based team which cares for clients and families in their homes; a model which has been functional and extremely successful for more than three decades and remains unparalleled in Canada.



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