Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 30(2) June 2017 : 14-25.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2017.25258
Special Focus on Interprofessional Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership, Part 1: The Nurse Leader’s Role within Interprofessional Teams

Carole A. Orchard, Olubukola Sonibare, Adam Morse, Jennifer Collins and Areej Al-Hamad


The purpose of this paper is to present a perspective advocating for a dual role of nurse leaders as both managers and advocates for nurses to demonstrate their disciplinary knowledge and practice. Further, the paper will demonstrate that nurse leaders have the capacity to influence integration of interprofessional collaborative practice with other health professionals within their leadership areas. Additionally, we present strategies to advocate for changing the meaning of nursing leadership in practice, and creating a shift from task orientation of nurses' care to one that is individualized and comprehensive. Finally, a plea will be made to return the coordinating role of the nurse to its rightful place within patient care.



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