Thank you Ron Kaczorowski for continuing the conversation. Compliments on a well thought-out op-ed essay.

I believe that the single-payer system in Canada enables us to do the following:
a. We can choose how we would like to spend the $242 Billion that we annually spend on healthcare today, i.e. we can choose to spend it upstream on prevention or downstream in treatment

b. The de-identified macro data belongs to us- the Canadian taxpayers. We can choose to share this, learn from this and potentially monetize it for global research at an unprecedented scale.

I acknowledge your comment “A lighter version of this model has been tried in a few countries, with limited success, and has demonstrated only modest benefits for the elderly population (people over 75).” You suggest a VBH system where payments to healthcare providers would be based on patient outcomes and quality of care, rather than volumes treated. There is merit to this concept and I am encouraged that the VBH model is being matured by various thought-leaders. My only contention is that we are still thinking in terms of patients and outcomes. My humble submission is that healthcare dollars should be spent on maintaining the wellness of healthy people so that they do not become patients (or the eventuality is delayed).

If we, as Canadians, feel that our collective good health and wellness is a priority, we will find a way to accomplish it. I feel passionately that the “un-hospital” system should not be “an impossibility that will take longer”, but rather, it is a vision that we must bring to fruition sooner than later. In the process, we will create a nation that others around the world will look up to.