Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 21(3) October 2018 : 71-76.doi:10.12927/hcq.2018.25697
Quality Improvement

Case Study – Gaining Physician Involvement in Quality Improvement Initiatives: An Organizational Perspective

Lise Vaillancourt and Carolyne Mondoux


Hôpital Montfort adopted the Lean methodology in 2008 to improve its services in the emergency department. Having achieved remarkable results, the hospital has gradually incorporated Lean initiatives at the corporate level. Physician involvement is key to the success of change efforts and achieving improved performance in public hospitals. Since it is a newly adapted methodology to healthcare, some physicians were skeptical of the changes this would make to their daily practice. This article provides an overview of Lean initiatives from the medical perspective. It addresses the importance of involving physicians and specific tactics for the same in these continuous improvement projects as well as its impact on their practice.



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