Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 32(4) December 2019 : 22-29.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2020.26104
Outlining the Context

Transition to NCLEX-RN: Reflections from a CASN Past President

Kirsten Woodend


Each president of CASN has one "issue" on which he or she focuses most during the presidency – for me, it was the NCLEX. Canadian nursing graduates first wrote the NCLEX for entry to practice in 2015. Failure rates were significantly higher than for the previous exam – the CRNE. Although the pass rates have improved, this is likely a result of better practice for writing this type of test. Apprehensions remain about the negative impact of the Americanization of our Canadian nursing curriculum and the damage that this examination appears to be doing to present and future francophone nurses.



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