Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 33(1) March 2020 : 52-58.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2020.26192
Special Focus on Nursing Leadership in Corrections

Improving Care at Correctional Facilities: Listening, Learning and Creating Change from a Patient Care Quality Office

Matthew Simon, Karen Salamat and Kris Gustavson


Correctional Health Services (CHS) became part of the Provincial Health Services Authority in British Columbia (BC) in October, 2017. There are 2,700 clients in BC in 10 facilities, and approximately 60% of these clients have mental health issues and/or substance use issues. To address healthcare quality complaints and queries for this unique setting, in keeping with provincial legislation, nursing role of the patient care quality specialist was created in 2018. Challenges, particularly related to direct communication limitations due to the security of incarcerated persons, have led to adapted processes, tools and approaches. Numerous collaborations have been established within and external to the CHS in BC, including the Federal Correctional Services and Accreditation Canada, which have resulted in new relationships to better understand client issues, develop policies and support continuity of care between the community and the correctional facility.



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