Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 33(2) June 2020 : 21-37.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2020.26240
Special Focus On Nursing Practice Models

Nursing Care Delivery Redesign: Using the Right Data to Make the Right Decisions

Maura MacPhee, Barbara Fitzgerald, Farinaz Havaei, Bernice Budz, David Waller, Cecilia Li, John Larmet and Tarnia Taverner


Background: In British Columbia, the Nursing Policy Secretariat of the Ministry of Health recently issued a series of priority nursing recommendations, including team-based care delivery models.

Aim: This paper will describe the data collection and analysis phase of a quality improvement initiative focused on care delivery redesign within three healthcare organizations. The focus of the care delivery redesign was a transition from total nursing care to team-based nursing care.

Methods: Our leadership–academic partnership used the Canadian Nurses Association's "Staff Mix Decision-Making Framework for Quality Nursing Care" to guide data collection and analysis on patient, nurse and organizational factors. Data were collected by nurse-led project teams using a patient needs assessment tool, surveys of nurses' scope of practice and teamwork and an environmental profile tool with nurse demographics and unit/facility-level characteristics.

Results: Findings from one organization's pediatric medicine and surgery units are presented in this paper.

Conclusion: Quality improvement data provide multiple opportunities for proactive human resource planning and professional development. Resources and examples are provided to guide others' redesign efforts.



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