Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy 16(1) August 2020 : 78-94.doi:10.12927/hcpol.2020.26289
Research Paper

Structural Facilitators and Barriers to Access to and Continuity of French-Language Healthcare and Social Services in Ontario’s Champlain Region

Jacinthe Savard, Kate Bigney, Lucy-Ann Kubina, Sébastien Savard and Marie Drolet


Purpose: The purpose of this article is to examine access to and continuity of French-language healthcare and social services in Ontario's Champlain region through an analytical framework that incorporates people seeking care, their caregivers and the linguistic component of care into a health and social service system bounded by community, organizational, political and symbolic structures.

Methods: Experiences of French-speaking seniors seeking care and those of health and social service providers and managers from two qualitative exploratory studies are used to describe trajectories through the system.

Results: Participants exposed how, together with community vitality, issues within each of the system's symbolic, political or regulatory and organizational structures influence these trajectories.

Conclusions: To meet the needs of francophone seniors, additional work is needed to increase French-language services coordination within the organizational, regulatory and policy structures of the health and social service system.



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