Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy 16(2) November 2020 : 101-110.doi:10.12927/hcpol.2020.26350


We surveyed Canadian rheumatologists regarding beliefs about physical therapists' (PTs) ability to refer patients appropriately to rheumatologists and whether they would accept such referrals. Most (86.9%) believed that PTs can appropriately refer to rheumatologists. However, only 48.2% of rheumatologists would be very or extremely likely to accept a referral from a PT they knew, and 23.5% would accept a referral from a PT they did not know. Conversely, 90.5% would accept a referral from a PT if they could bill it as a full consult. We conclude that being able to bill PT referrals as full consults may potentially enhance the acceptance of PT referrals.



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