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Healthcare Quarterly 24(2) July 2021 : 3-3.doi:10.12927/hcq.2021.26562
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A Note from the Publisher

Matthew Hart

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Dr. G. Ross Baker, it has been our honour and privilege to collaborate with you on so many projects and publications for so many years. By sharing your insights into the complexities and challenges of our healthcare system, you have helped shape Longwoods into the organization it is today.

With this issue, Dr. G. Ross Baker is stepping down as editor-in-chief for Healthcare Quarterly. Ross began working with Longwoods long before becoming editor-in-chief in 2013 ? he advised the past editor-in-chief, Dr. Peggy Leatt. He served as the editor for the Patient Safety Papers series in Healthcare Quarterly. He was the lead author of the internationally recognized book High Performing Healthcare Systems: Delivering Quality by Design (Baker et al. 2008). He has spoken multiple times at Breakfast With The Chiefs (now known as the Longwoods Breakfast Series; The list goes on.

A look at Ross's biography on the University of Toronto website ( reveals the important contributions he has made not only to the Canadian and international healthcare systems but to Longwoods as well. Ross has a passion for quality improvement and patient safety ? it showed during his time with Healthcare Quarterly as he led the journal to focus on critical areas such as safety and quality improvement, leadership development, sharing best practices and, most recently, responding to COVID-19.

We deeply appreciate the leadership and wise council Ross has provided, but also look forward to the next chapter in our continued support of Canadian healthcare. Ross has built a path for others to follow and is leaving a legacy behind that will never be forgotten.

On a personal note, I met Ross early after joining Longwoods. I was quick to learn that he is knowledgeable, respected and well spoken but also humble and approachable, making him one of the people I have been the most pleased to have worked with.

Thank you, Ross.

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Matthew Hart

About the Author(s)

Matthew Hart, Chief Executive Officer, Longwoods Publishing


Baker, G.R., A. MacIntosh-Murray, C. Porcellato, L. Dionne, K. Stelmacovich and K. Born. 2008. High Performing Healthcare Systems: Delivering Quality by Design. Longwoods Publishing Corporation.


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