Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 24(3) October 2021 : 72-75.doi:10.12927/hcq.2021.26615
Leading in The Future

Commentary: The Future of Aging in Canada

Cathy Szabo


Much is already written on how the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged Canada's frail, elderly population – the impact of the global pandemic turned the decades-long challenges within our nation's long-term care sector into daily news coverage. While no commission or report can ever begin to relieve the pain and suffering of individuals who lived through the pandemic, healthcare leaders owe it to all to respond to the urgent call for action to re-envision elder care for the future.

The time to act is now. Our leaders need to collaborate and connect with our seniors to take quick action on their recommendations. Our leaders need to be nimble and creative; they need to work together across the system to rethink how aging seniors can be supported and change the system, its funding models and, ultimately, how we value and care for our aging population now and into the future.



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