Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 34(4) December 2021 : 36-42.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2021.26691
Evolving Our Workforce: What Needs To Change?

Commentary – Nursing Workforce Mobility in a Changing Global Landscape

Linda McGillis Hall


The sustainability of a country's health human resources depends on the supply and mobility of its healthcare workers. Globally, nursing occupies the largest health professional labour group (59%), with a growth of 4.7 million nurses seen from 2013 to 2018, amounting to a nursing workforce of 27.9 million worldwide (WHO 2020a). Despite this increase, it is estimated that the world will need an additional nine million nurses and midwives by 2030 (WHO 2020b). Given these projections, enhanced nurse mobility can be anticipated and expected.



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