Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 35(2) June 2022 : 30-33.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2022.26875
Special Focus on Respect For Nurses

Commentary: Reflecting on Respect through My 45-Year Nursing Career

Marlene Smadu


Almost and Mildon (2022) appropriately address a foundational human value in their article – that of respect for the inherent worth of a person and for their contributions to work, society and life. The article caused me to reflect on the various levels of respect and disrespect I have experienced in my life as a registered nurse and as a woman, and the fact that the two are entirely intertwined. I am frustrated that the gains made on respect for women and respect for nurses have not been sufficient or enduring enough to make life better for nurses and women today. Almost and Mildon (2022) articulate how much more work needs to be done.



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