Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 25(3) October 2022 : 18-24.doi:10.12927/hcq.2022.26946
Greening Healthcare

Identifying Opportunities for Greenhouse Gas Reductions and Cost Savings in Hospitals: A Knowledge Translation Tree

Myles Sergeant, Richard Webster, Linda Varangu, Anita Rao, Sujane Kandasamy, Madeline Rampton, Neha Mathur and Ana Hategan


Research has shown that the healthcare sector is among the least green sectors and constitutes one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, posing risks to human health. This review discusses the development of a knowledge translation tool that aims to compare a range of interventions that can be applied in hospital settings to reduce the local GHG emissions and associated financial costs. It discusses several interventions that potentially have the most impact on GHG reduction and compares these to interventions that are commonly used in different hospital departments. The authors propose opportunities to advance the implementation of these interventions within hospital operations across many other geographic locations.



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