Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 26(2) July 2023 : 24-31.doi:10.12927/hcq.2023.27144
Support for Equity-Deserving Populations

Hospital Care for Patients Uninsured due to Immigration Status during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Toronto: Lessons from Front-Line Knowledge Translation

Amy Katz, Nadjla Agahbanaei, Rebecca Cheff, Tysa Harris, Stephen W. Hwang and Catherine Schmidt


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, patients in Ontario who were uninsured due to immigration status faced barriers to hospital care that resulted in preventable illness and death. In March 2020, the Ontario Ministry of Health issued a memo indicating that it would pay for medically necessary hospital services for uninsured patients (Ontario Ministry of Health 2020). Front-line providers and research workers associated with the Health Network for Uninsured Clients (HNUC) set out to ensure that hospitals in Toronto implemented the ministry's memo. In this paper, we demonstrate a model of front-line worker–led knowledge translation informed by real-time data and anchored in clearly articulated values and goals. On April 1, 2023, the Ontario Ministry of Health cancelled this uninsured coverage (Ontario Ministry of Health 2023). Healthcare provider associations, grassroots groups and coalitions – including the HNUC – are mobilizing to see this uninsured coverage reinstated.



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