Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy 19(1) August 2023 : 40-48.doi:10.12927/hcpol.2023.27159
Discussion and Debate

E-Mental Health Services in Canada: Can They Close the Access Gap?

Evgenia Gatov, Gillian Strudwick, David Wiljer and Paul Kurdyak


With significant unmet needs for mental healthcare in Canada, there is a growing interest in e-mental health (e-MH) services to meet gaps in access. While the policy window appears to be open, it is unclear how best to implement e-MH services due to health system barriers that create unmet needs in the first place. We explore the financing, organization and delivery of Canadian mental health services and discuss the promise of e-MH services for alleviating access barriers, highlighting increased policy attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. We consider how evidence-based e-MH services have successfully scaled in other publicly funded healthcare systems and note potential issues in the Canadian context.



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