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“We . . . diminish the human rights of our own citizens.” from A Reflection by Anton Hart


Listening to Jared Loughner by Mary Seeman and Neil Seeman

The TSX Gives a Short Course in Health Economics: It’s the Prices, Stupid! By Robert G. Evans

Off the Cuff

Federal MPs Terence Young, Ujjal Dosanjh and Jean Crowder say they want core funding preserved for the Therapeutics Initiative, an internationally acclaimed drug watchdog based at the University of British Columbia and funded by the Province of British Columbia.

From the G&M: We need: (1) More services in specialty clinics; (2) Accelerate primary care reform; (3) More long-term care beds;  (4) Incentives to provide home care for elderly relatives; (5) Accelerate adoption of electronic health records; (6) More flexible licensing procedure and scope of practice rules . . . a few suggestions from Michael Kirby and Brian Mulroney

Americans rate nurses and doctors the best of eight different healthcare providers in the U.S., with more than 8 in 10 saying the medical care they provide is excellent or good. The other six entities measured are institutions. Of these, nursing homes get the lowest positive rating (33%), partly because one in six Americans don’t have an opinion of them, while health insurance companies get the highest percentage of “poor” ratings. (Gallup)

UPS adds 177,000 square feet to its dedicated healthcare facility in Burlington, ON, logistics campus. It is designed to meet all regulatory compliance and quality assurance needs of healthcare products.

Pharmacy closures may have impacts on access, such as cost, waiting time and reduced patient choice.

Some CIHI Stats on organ transplants: (1) In 2009, the more than 15,000 patients living with kidney transplants saved the health care system an estimated $800 million. (2) In 2009, 5,375 patients started renal replacement therapy (RRT).  (3) Overall, 2,087 transplants of solid organs were performed in Canada in 2009. And (4) there were 1,003 organ donors (living and deceased) in 2009. CIHI examines dialysis and transplantation characteristics and trends in Canada. Download the full report here.

Have you read some or all of the essays in the book Lessons Learned in Changing Healthcare… and how we learned them …

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Breakfast with the Chiefs

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Saäd Rafi, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Steven Lewis, health policy and research consultant based in Saskatoon, and Adjunct Professor of Health Policy at the University of Calgary and Simon Fraser University.
Topic: Can Economics Compete with Politics in Ontario’s healthcare system?
Location: Mount Sinai Hospital, Ben Sadowski Auditorium, 18th Floor, 600 University Avenue, Toronto, ON
Sponsors: Accenture and PricewaterhouseCoopers
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January 27, 2011: Toronto, ON. Freedom of Information: A Primer
February 7, 2011: Toronto, ON. Health Care 2011: Information and Knowledge Leading to Change
February 7-11, 2011: Toronto, ON. Advanced Health Leadership Program
February 13-15, 2011: Montreal, QC Nursing Leadership Conference
February 16, 2011: Montreal, QC. 2011 CEO Forum: Leadership Accountability in Canadian Healthcare. Hosted by CHSRF
February 22-23, 2011: Vancouver, BC. CHSPR 2011 Health Policy Conference
February 22, 1011: Toronto, ON. The Role of Primary Care in Health System Reform
February 28, 2011: Toronto, ON. Nurse Practitioners: Essential Partners in Improving the Health Care System
March 2-3, 2011: Mississauga, ON. QWQHC 5th Annual Summit
March 20, 2011-November 24, 2011: Multiple Locations. Physician Management Institute leadership development program
March 24 & 25, 2011: Toronto, ON. Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario 2011 Conference
April 4-5, 2011: Toronto, ON. Healthcare Management Forum: Process Improvement and Operational Excellence
May 4-5, 2011: Markham, ON. Ontario Gerontology Association, 30th Annual Conference
May 13- 14, 2011: Vancouver, BC. Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership

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Transitions and Awards

Anne Phillips, M.D. (UofT), to Vice President, Clinical Development, Medical and Regulatory Affairs for North America, Novo Nordisk
Thomas Sullivan to President and CEO, Symmetry Medical Inc.
Dr. Donald Stuss to President and Scientific Director (Interim), Ontario Brain Institute (OBI)
André Picard to receive The Hyman Solomon Award, presented annually by the Public Policy Forum, and recognizing journalists who explain to Canadians how policy changes affect them.

Transformational Canadians –  a Cisco initiative recognizing achievements from the last 25 years
James Orbinski: co-founder of Dignitas International, helping resource-strapped communities gain access to treatment for HIV and AIDS
Gordon Keller: leader in the field of regenerative medicine
Craig & Marc Kielburger: child-right’s activists, focused on eliminating childhood poverty and exploitation
Henry Morgentaler: progressive and controversial pro-choice advocate
Tom Chau: champion in pediatric rehabilitation and engineering, advocate for children with physical challenges
Jim Balsillie/Mike Lazaridis:   co-CEOs of Research in Motion, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and generous donors
Samantha Nutt: dedication humanitarian, Doctors Without Borders volunteer
Brenda Milner: neuropsychologist and major contributor to the science of memory and cognitive functioning
Rick Hansen: Paralympian athlete and activist for people living with physical challenges
Edward Brown: early founder of telemedicine in Canada, responsible for establishing an integrated strategy for telehealth services in Ontario
Prabhat Jha: inaugural University of Toronto endowed professor in disease control, expert adviser to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on HIV/AIDS

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