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Will Radiologists Become Redundant Ever?” By Sumer Sethi


“So, reader,” wrote Montaigne in 1580 in the preface to his first volume of Essays, “I am myself the substance of my book, and there is no reason why you should waste your leisure on so frivolous and unrewarding a subject.” Check out this Essay about Essays. . . and start writing.

Off the Cuff

  1. Systems (G. Ross Baker et al): Veterans Affairs New England Healthcare System (Veterans Integrated Service Network 1). Includes: VA Boston Healthcare System nursing report card measures.
  2. Lessons (Gary S. Kaplan and others): Seeking Perfection in Healthcare at Virginia Mason Health System. Includes:  Quality Equation and the Strategic Plan Pyramid.
  3. Gallup. Remember back in 1998 when pharmacists were recognized as the top rated professions as measured by honesty and ethics?  It turns out that nurses were not on the list. They were added in 1999 and here is what happened. I’m waiting for the Gallup to add “healthcare publishers” to the list. (George Gallup did, after all, start out as editor of an independent publication.

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In healthcare, change and ambiguity are constant.

John Downing: Hospital Hell 2

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Elaine Ashfield to the Board of the Champlain Local Health Integration Network
Marie Biron to the Board of the Champlain Local Health Integration Network
Louis St-Cyr to Chief Development Officer, St-Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, MB
Laurel Hardgrove to Director, Philanthropy & Sponsorships, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, Hamilton, ON
Michael Nettleton to Chair, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Whitby
Anissa Hilborn to Foundation President, and Vice-President, Development, Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital, Burlington, ON
Alain-Michel Sékula to Chair, Board of Trustees, Montfort Hospital, Ottawa, ON
David Holt to Chair, Board of Trustees, Friends of the Moncton Hospital Foundation, NB
Michele Darling to Chair, Board of Directors, Credit Valley Hospital Foundation, Mississauga, ON
Frances Buczko to Director, Campaigns, Bridgepoint Health Foundation, Toronto, ON
Michael Poliwoda, Director, Resource Development, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, ON
Sally Flintoft to CEO Calgary Health Trust, AB
Neil Skelding, Chair, Board of Directors, Credit Valley Hospital, ON
Colin Adamson to Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, Credit Valley Hospital, ON
Don Livingston to CEO, BC Mental Health Foundation

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