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“. . . increases in life expectancies have been going on for over a century. Didn’t anyone at Manufacturers’ notice this . . .” Robert G. Evans in  Hancocked


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Ontario Election Platforms: Healthcare
From the law firm Fasken Martineau here is a review of election promises made by the three parties in Ontario – part of their election campaign before voters go to the polls on October 6, 2011. (Go to the bottom of the brief for the section covering healthcare).

What Do Patients Want? A Critical Look at Healthcare Delivery in Canada. André Picard’s perspective.

Breakfast with the Chiefs. October 20, 2011. The impact & future of telehealth: from local to global. Ed Brown explores reality with Will Falk as interlocutor. Ed Brown is a clinical entrepreneur who has become a global leader in the financing, design, development and operation of telehealth. Register here. Radiologists welcome.

Take a glance at the Business Development and Strategic Partnerships program at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Then check out the business acumen on the board. Read, learn and connect the dots.

Healthcare 2015: Win-win or lose-lose: IBM’s perspective.

Applying PHIPA and FIPPA to Personal Health Information: Guidance for Hospitals

Research priorities of Canada’s academic health-care organizations. 2011. ACAHO tells all.

Hockey Arenas & Longwoods
Take any two professional hockey arenas in North America and you will find that (combined) seating equals the number of visitors that come to Longwoods.com every month. Montreal Canadians and Vancouver Canucks or Longwoods. You decide.

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Mark Henick appointed to the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Board of Directors
Stephen Smith to Chair of The Scarborough (ON) Hospital’s Board of Directors
Anne Rochon Ford to Executive Director of Canadian Women’s Health Network

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