HealthcarePapers 7(2) November 2006 : 68-75.doi:10.12927/hcpap..18560
The Authors Respond

Re-navigating the Research and Practice Terrain of Health Services Networks

Ann Casebeer, Timothy R. Huerta and Madine VanderPlaat


In our lead paper, we set out to explore and provide some insights into the current status of networks and networking within and for health services delivery (HSD). We hoped to provoke responses that would enhance understanding and intensify debate concerning the what and how of network contributions and challenges as they support or not the complex working of health systems as they strive to meet health needs. Given the broad-ranging responses containing a wealth of clarifications, extensions and challenging reframes and refutations, we believe we have for the most part succeeded in bringing into sharper focus the edges and tensions that inherently accompany any conversation about networks and their value. We thank all the contributors for pushing the boundaries we sought to define. Their insights, both individually and especially collectively, point out a myriad of possibilities for future research efforts and practice action.



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