Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership 23(4) February 2011 : 81-84.doi:10.12927/cjnl.2011.22144
Book Review

When Chicken Soup Isn't Enough: Stories of Nurses Standing Up for Themselves, Their Patients, and Their Profession: Edited by Suzanne Gordon

Dr. Marlene Smadu

With the multitude of "chicken soup" books on the market, Suzanne Gordon's provocative approach to entitling her new book is engaging. In Gordon's own words, this collection of stories by nurses about their roles and experiences in advocating for nursing, their patients and themselves moves from the "heavily sentimental genre" found in the typical "chicken soup" books to "truth telling, more calls to action, and fewer celebrations of a saccharine status quo.… [T] o really feed their souls, nurses know that they need to fight for them." The book is organized into nine themes, ranging from the much-discussed issue of eating our young, through relationships and encounters with physicians, to organized nursing and other areas, finishing with a section on battles still in progress. As Gordon suggests, the authors of the vignettes don't necessarily agree with one another's approaches to advocacy and standing up for themselves, and thus readers also won't agree with all of the approaches, but they will be intrigued and engaged, a critical contribution that this book makes.



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