Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 15(4) October 2012 : 41-46.doi:10.12927/hcq.2013.23190
Health Human Resources

Inter-professional Collaboration as a Health Human Resources Strategy: Moving Forward with a Western Provinces Research Agenda

Grace Mickelson, Esther Suter, Siegrid Deutschlander, Lesley Bainbridge, Liz Harrison, Ruby Grymonpre and Shelanne Hepp


The current gap in research on inter-professional collaboration and health human resources outcomes is explored by the Western Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (WCIHC). In a recent research planning workshop with the four western provinces, 82 stakeholders from various sectors including health, provincial governments, research and education engaged with WCIHC to consider aligning their respective research agendas relevant to inter-professional collaboration and health human resources. Key research recommendations from a recent knowledge synthesis on inter-professional collaboration and health human resources as well as current provincial health priorities framed the discussions at the workshop. This knowledge exchange has helped to consolidate a shared current understanding of inter-professional education and practice and health workforce planning and management among the participating stakeholders. Ultimately, through a focused research program, a well-aligned approach between sectors to finding health human resources solutions will result in sustainable health systems reform.



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