Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 16(4) October 2013 : 49-54.doi:10.12927/hcq.2014.23647
Activity-Based Funding

Activity-Based Funding Model Provides Foundation for Province-wide Best Practices in Renal Care

Adeera Levin, Clifford Lo, Kevin Noel, Ogjnenka Djurdjev and Erlyn C. Amano


British Columbia has a unique funding model for renal care in Canada. Patient care is delivered through six health authorities, while funding is administered by the Provincial Renal Agency using an activity-based funding model. The model allocates funding based on a schedule of costs for every element of renal care, excluding physician fees. Accountability, transparency of allocation and tracking of outcomes are key features that ensure successful implementation. The model supports province-wide best practices and equitable care and fosters innovation. Since its introduction, the outpatient renal services budget has grown less than the population, while maintaining or improving clinical outcomes.



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