HealthcarePapers 14(3) October 2014 : 17-21.doi:10.12927/hcpap.2015.24261

Accelerating the Road to Change

Robyn Tamblyn


There is consensus that the Canadian health system needs to be reformed and that we are failing to achieve this objective (Romanow 2002; The Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs Science and Technology 2002; Harvey et al. 2013; Lewis 2015). The authors provide a refreshing perspective on how this could be accomplished: a new model for conditional federal investment that is linked to quality, efficiency and outcomes; incentives for improvement that don't invoke dysfunctional competition; and a national system of outcome measurement. It is a well-reasoned and thoughtful set of solutions that could fit with the complex multi-jurisdictional character of Canadian healthcare. The key will be how to get there.



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