Healthcare Quarterly

Healthcare Quarterly 18(4) January 2016 : 36-41.doi:10.12927/hcq.2016.24552
Leadership Perspective

The Physician Quality Improvement Initiative: Engaging Physicians in Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Accountability and their Provision of High-Quality Patient Care

Kirsten Wentlandt, Niki Degendorfer, Catherine Clarke, Hayley Panet, Jim Worthington, Richard F. McLean and Charles K.N. Chan


University Health Network has been working to become a high-reliability organization, with a focus on safe, quality patient care. In response, the Medical Affairs Department has implemented several strategic initiatives to drive accountability, quality improvement and engagement with our physician population. One of these initiatives, the Physician Quality Improvement Initiative (PQII) is a physician-led project designed to provide active medical staff, in collaboration with their physician department chiefs, a comprehensive approach to focused and practical quality improvement in their practice. In this document, we outline the project, including its implementation strategy, logic model and outcomes, and provide discussion on how it fits into UHN's global strategy to provide safe, quality patient care.



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